The Bed Sitting Room (1964)

The Bed Sitting Room
by John Antrobus and Spike Milligan


Dr Rupert Martin Bules -
Keith Higgins
Radio Announcer - Michael Scott
Elvis Presley - Elvis Presley
Rt Hon Sir Alec Douglas-Home - Sam Rush
Lord Formum of Alamein -
Robert Snelson
Sweeper -
Michael Ryan
Mate -
Eric Taylor
ARP Warden -
Michael Scott
Plastic Mac Man -
Nevil Malin
Men in Coffin -
Michael Ryan, Michael Scott
No. 29 Scum Terrace
- Robert Snelson
TV Announcer - Michael Scott
Rt Hon Hinton Quogg - Nevil Malin
Sponsor - Michael Ryan
Chest of drawers - Barbara Higgins
Penelope - Ann Richards
Underwater Vicar - Robert Snelson
Diplomat - Michael Scott
Driver/Orderly/Wild Man - Michael Ryan
Field Marshal Sergeant - Nevil Malin
Actor - Robert Snelson
Delivery Man/Fu Ling - Michael Ryan
Sea Captain - Michael Scott
Seaman - Michael Ryan
Pianist - Stanley Dalton

Director - Keith Higgins
Music written and remembered by Eric Taylor and Keith Higgins

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