Andorra (1969)

by Max Frisch


Barblin -
Pauline Prior-Pitt
The Soldier - Eric Taylor
The Carpenter - Roland Moore
Andri - Roger Gaynham
The Priest - David Biddle
The Somebody - John Bramley
The Teacher - Robert Snelson
The Innkeeper - Roger Jones
The Server - Anthony James
The Idiot - Michael Lowery
The Journeyman - Alan Champion
The Doctor - Trevor Thomas
The Mother - Betty Campbell
The Senora - Phyllis Walter
The Jew Detector - Rex Satchwell
Andorrans - Wendy Atkinson, Ann Richards, Elizabeth Robins, Charles Campbell, Joseph, Maine
Black Soldiers - David Grindrod, Stuart Matthews, Jonathan Newey, Chris Rose

Director - Beryl Milner
Designer -
Barry Milner

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