The Fall and Redemption of Man (1970)

The Fall and Redemption of Man
by John Bowen

God; 1st King; 1st Shepherd; 1st Knight at Pilate's Court
Eddie Bennett
Adam; Jesus Christ - David Biddle
Satan; 3rd King; 3rd Shepherd; 2nd Knight at Pilate's Court - Philip Prior-Pitt
Eve; Mary; 2nd Woman - Deborah Powell
Joseph; Peter - Kenneth Pearson
2nd King; Mark; John; Pilate - Edward Whitehead
Gabriel; Doctor; 1st Citizen; Greenhorn - Rupert Brooks
Cain, James; 1st Knight; Caiphas - Terence Kenny
Abel; Citizen; Sheep; 2nd Knight; Judas - Ian Gillespie
Assistant Angel; Herald; Man; Angel; 3rd Citizen; Porter; Barabbas - Michael Lowery
Greenhorn; Herod; Herod Agrippa - Harry Lord
Elizabeth; Gill; 1st Woman; Magdqlene; 2nd Citizen - Anne Dingle
3rd Woman; Woman - Elizabeth Robbins
2nd Shepherd; Annas - Peter Peverley

Director & Designer - Robert Prior-Pitt

This production was also given one performance in Coventry Cathedral.

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