As You Like It (1972)

As You Like It
by William Shakespeare


Orlando - Roger Gaynham
Adam - Anthony Burrows
Oliver - John Bramley
Dennis - David Grindrod
Charles - Robert Snelson
Rosalind - Katy Bott
Celia - Ann Richards
Touchstone - Eric Taylor
Le Beau - Rex Satchwell
Duke Frederick - Keith Higgins
First Lord - Ian Stevens
Second Lord - Philip Highley
Third Lord - Martin Jones
The Banished Duke - Keith Higgins
Amiens - Rex Satchwell
First Lord - Martin Jones
Second Lord - Robert Reynolds
Third Lord - Ian Stevens
Fourth Lord - Philip Highley
First Page - Anthony James
Second Page - Ian Palmer
Corin - David Biddle
Silvius - David Grindrod
Jaques - Joe Rowland
Audrey - Patricia Huckvale
Sir Oliver Martext - John Bramley
Phebe - Vicki Lofrese
William - Philip Highley
Hymen - Rex Satchwell
Jaques De Boys - Martin Jones

Director - Anthony Burrows
Designer - David Burrows

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