Cinderella (1975)

John Crocker. Lyrics & Music by Eric Gilder and others

Dandini -
Ann Richards
Little Miss Muffet - Anne Shufflebotham
Prince Charming - Penny Wright
Baron Hardup - Ray Davison
Buttons - Richard Baker
Cinderella - Jackie Jarvis
Tutti  }                        - Edward Whitehead
          } The Ugly Sisters
Frutti }                        - Tony Holdstock
Dobbin - Ken and Stephanie Sherlock
Fairy Godmother - Liz Phillips
Rag     }                          - Philip Highley
Tag       } The Broker's Men - Richard Childs
Bobtail }                          - Clive Sheppard

The Queen - Eileen Carlton
The Ponies (Lisa & Graceful) - themselves
Chorus - Julie Annat, Stephen Dickinson, Martin Jones, Yvonne Lanchester, Nicholas Leach, Helen Pool, Margaret Rook, Andie Simmons

Director - Joe Rowland
Designer - Edwin P Grant
Musical Director - Stephen Duckham
Choreographer - Liz Phillips
Instrumentalists - Stephen Duckham (piano), David Farmer (flute), Gary Morgan (bass guitar), James Hood (percussion)

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