Tom Thumb (1976)

Tom Thumb
Pauline Grant

Merlin (an immortal) -
John Sullivan
Dame Dimple (Tom's mother) - Eileen Carlton
Deborah (the Squire's daughter) - Janet Lloyd
Hoaxem (a Circus Proprietor) - Joe Williams
Don Curio (Circus Performer) - Stan Beaufoy
Marco ( the Ringmaster) - Michael Tuckey
The Herring Brothers          } Red - Liam Magee
Owners of a live Mermaid } Fresh -
Philip Highley
Tom Thumb - Clive Sheppard
Squire Loveless ( a villainous Landowner) - Bernard Goodby
Villagers & Circus People - Geoff Burrows, John Burrows, Cathy Davis, David Gardiner, Nick Leach, Martin Orridge, Jan Reader, Simon Reader, George Sheppard
Mr PurdueDancers of the Pattison Dancing Academy - Dominique Coggins, Joanne Edmondson, Elizabeth Forrest, April Henderson, Kerry Hill, Deborah Miller, Amanda McFarland, Nicola Williams

Director & Designer - Edwin P Grant
Choreographer - Beryl Thomas
Musical Directors - David Tall and Steve Hale

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