Listen to the Wind (1978)

Listen to the Wind
Angela Ainley Jeans
Music and Lyrics by Vivien Ellis

Emma -
Nikki Summers
Miss Lush - June Walters
Jeremy - David Pinner
Harriet - Joanne Green
Grandmother - Sue Scott
Pearson - John O'Loughlin
Gypsy Woman - Ann Brooks
Gypsy Man - Richard Childs
Bannister - Helen Bodenham
Gale Bird - Philip Highley
King North Wind - Wade Curzon
Queen South Wind - Victoria Wanless
Prince East Wind - Rod Wilkinson
Princess West Wind - Corrina Jacob
Moonbeam - Julie Daly
Sunshine - Katy Bailey
Miranda - Pamela Summers
Black Thunder Cloud - Bernard Goodby
1st Lightning - Roland Kerr
2nd Lightning - Guy Sullivan
Maids, Footmen, Breezes, Tides. Weather House Folk - Roland Kerr, Guy Sullivan, Roy Jacob, Katy Bailey, Helen Bodenham, Julie Daly, Gary Daly, Nicola Humphreys, Clair Crook, Lorna Darlow, Ann Brooks, Richard Childs

Director - Graham Sawyer
Designer - David Burrows
Musical Director - Alison Bidder

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