Richard III (1978)

Richard III
William Shakespeare

King Edward IV -
Jeremy Heynes
Queen Elizabeth - Ann Brooks
Edward, Prince of Wales - Nigel Roper
Richard, Duke of York - David Pinner
George, Duke of Clarence - Richard Baker
Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later King Richard III) - John Ruscoe
Cicely, Duchess of York - Rona Bain
Henry, Duke of Buckingham - Bryan Ferriman
William, Lord Hastings - Keith Berry
Stanley, Earl of Derby - Peter Riman
Cardinal Bouchier, Archbishop of Canterbury - Tom Sadler
John, Duke of Norfolk - Brian Green
Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers - Mark Juby
Richard, Lord Grey - Mike Skinner
Thomas Grey, Marquess of Dorset - Steve Guice
King Henry VI - John Ellam
Queen Margaret - Joy Olver
Lady Anne - Wendy Anderson
Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond (later King Henry VII) - Richard Moore
John de Vere, Earl of Oxford - Wade Curzon
Jane Shore - Cheryl Puddifoot
William Catesby - Mike Gray
Richard Ratcliffe - John O'Loughlin
Francis Lovel - Rod Wilkinson
James Tyrrel - Geoff Braham
Brackenbury, Lieutenant of the Tower - Ian Brindley
A Priest - Marcus Pugh
A Messenger - Wade Curzon
Tressel - Maureen Padfield
Berkely - Margaret Crook
Officers, Attendants, Citizens, etc. -
Stan Beaufoy, David Goodfellow, Jonathan O'Farrell, Tim Pinner

Director -
John Burrows
Designer - John Ellam
Music - Barry Jackson
Assistant Director - Chris Carpenter
Organist - Richard Hunter
Lighting Designers - Mike Price, Andy Brining

Photos by Phil Harvey
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