Mother Goose (1979)

Mother Goose
John Crocker and Eric Gilder
Additional Songs by Stephen Duckham

Demon Discontent -
Stephen Smith
Fairy Tranquilheart - Wendy Anderson
Landlady Popplewick - Eileen Carlton
Brownie - Wendy Morris
Mother Goose - Tony Holdstock
Jack - Clive Cartwright
Jill - Liz Pearson-Smith
Squire O'Sovile - Mike Skinner
Colin - Dianne Furber

Willy - Phil Highley

Nilly - Rod Wilkinson
Priscilla - Ken Sherlock
Queen Goosegog III - Eileen Carlton
Chorus - Helen Bodenham, Mandy Buswell, Cathy Davis, Louise Robertson, Mike Gray, Marcus Hollick, Kevin Price, Bob Sleeman

Director - Ted Whitehead
Designer - Sheila Holland
Choreographer - Pauline Mills
Musical Director - Stephen Duckham
Percussion - Jim Hood

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