Jack and the Beanstalk (1981)

Jack and the Beanstalk
John Crocker
Additional material by Eric Gilder and Stephen Duckham

Demon Pestblight -
Alan Peters
Fairy Evergreen - Louise Robertson
Bubble - Geoff Burrows
Squeak - John Burrows
Squire Goodknight - Mike Skinner
Jack Durden - Sandra Tuson
Dame Durden - Ted Whitehead
Jill - Melanie Hall
Simple Simon - Rod Wilkinson
Jumping Joan - Cathy Williams
Daisy - Jon Pugh and Graham Underhill
Giant Blunderbore - Mel Barlow
Villagers, Guardians of Sword, Beanstalk Creatures - Joe Annat, Anita Burrows, Joanne Green, Marcus Hollick, Corrina Jacob, Sharon Kelly, David Pinner

Director - Stephen Duckham
Designer - Wendy Morris
Costume Designer - Christopher Ward
Musical Director - Brian Arnold
Percussion - Basil Witham

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