The Coarse Acting Show (1982)

The Coarse Acting Show
Plays by
Michael Green

Il Fornicazione
Countess -
Eileen Carlton
Maid - Audrie Lawson
Alfonso - Bill Walton
Count - Phil Highley
Huntsmen - Neil Carpenter, John O'Loughlin, Jon Pugh, Steve Smith, Colin Talbot, Christopher Ward
Maidservants - Melanie Hall, Louise Robertson, Chris Sleeman, Cathy Williams

Moby Dick

shmael -
Barry Lytollis
Starbuck - Graham Underhill
Queequeg - Melvyn Barlow
Preacher - Greg Lowe
Elijah - Neil Vallance
Ahab - Mike Skinner
Scarred Seaman - Angus MacDonald
Landlady - Wendy Morris
Seamen - Neil Carpenter, Richard Elbourne, Steve Gillis, John O'Loughlin, Jon Pugh, Phil Smith, Colin Talbot, Christopher Ward
Wenches - Anita Burrows, Margaret Crook, Joan Green, Anthea James, Audrie Lawson, Chris Sleeman

Last Call for Breakfast
He -
John Turner
She - Ann Brooks
Porter I - Jon Pugh
Porter II - Melvyn Barlow
Sugar Cube - Anita Burrows

All's Well That Ends As You Like It
Frederigo -
John O'Loughlin
Dronio - Phil Smith
Testiculo - Richard Elbourne
Bronchio - Barry Lytollis
Friar - Neil Vallance
Delia - Louise Robertson
Nurse Dracula - Audrie Lawson
Pan - Christopher Ward
All other parts - Mike Skinner
Attendants - Steve Gillis, Greg Lowe, Angus MacDonald, Graham Underhill, Bill Walton
Ladies of the Court - Margaret Crook, Melanie Hall, Anthea James, Wendy Morris, Angela Vallance, Cathy Williams

Director - Ted Whitehead
Designers - Paul Kelly, Andy Power

Dances set by Angela Vallance
Musicians - The Littlehampton Folk Duo

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