Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood (1985)

Robin Hod and the Babes in the Wood
John Morley
Additional music by Stephen Duckham

The Sheriff of Nottingham -
Tim Willis
Maid Marion - Nicky Smith
Tommy }               - Greg James
              } The Babes
Jane    }               - Kay Marlow
Nurse Glenda Glucose - Ted Whitehead
Robin Hood - Jill Wilkins
Simon the Spyman - Graham Underhill
Slippery Sam         }                               - Eric Taylor
                            } The Wicked Robbers
Denis the Menace }
                                       - Richard Childs
Alfred Acorn, a Forest Sprite - Ruth Francis
King Richard the Lionheart - Mark Nightingale
Little John - Phil Highley
Friar Tuck - Richard Johnston
Alan-a-Dale - Richard Mornington
Will Scarlet - Bill Walton
Much the Miller's Son - John Rice
Roger Lightfoot - Tim Eden
Ladies of Nottingham - Maureen Jones, Julie Peters, Laura Power, Clare Quinn, Alison Reed
Children - Jo Coomber, Kerry Johnson, Andrew Whittington, Oliver Webb, Rachel Evans, Christopher Hobson, Lindsay Milner, David Power
Animals and Toys - Ruth Davies, Allison Fuller, Karen Tarver, Mandy Davenport, Heidi Wilson

Director - Christopher Ward
Designer - Peter James
Choreographers - Noreen Pettit, Pauline Mills
Pianists - Colin Law, Mervyn Compton
Percussion - Mark Watts

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