Amadeus (1986)

Peter Shaffer

Joseph II, Emperor of Austria -
Andrew Infield
Antonio Salieri - David Hankins
Count Orsini-Rosenberg - Ted Whitehead
Baron Van Swieten - Peter Riman
Johann Kilian Von Strack - Peter Leggett
The "Venticelli" - Maureen Jones, Susan Howell
Greybig, Valet to Salieri - Bill Walton
Cook to Salieri - Cynthia Anderson
Teresa Salieri
- Wendy Parkes
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Robert Cramp
Constanza Weber - Rosamund Tomlins
Katherina Cavalieri - Jane Coomber
Other Company Members - Michael Anderson, Rosemary Jones

Director - Stewart McGill
Assistant Director - Elspeth Dales

Designer - Rosemary Hobson

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