Macbeth (1986)

William Shakespeare

The Three Weird Sisters -
Margaret Crook, Rebecca Simmon, Rosamund Tomlins
Macbeth -
Richard Childs
Banquo - Jim Waldron
King Duncan - Jack Reilly
A Sergeant - David Lewis
Malcolm, Son of Duncan - Kieran McGivern
Lennox - Graham Underhill
Ross - Edward Lewis
- Tim Willis
Donalbain, Son of Duncan - Alisdair Howie
Lady Macbeth - Christine Carpenter
Gentlewoman - Cynthia Anderson
Fleance, Son of Banquo - Jez Phillips
Porter - Angus MacDonald
Murderers - Mark Hannon, Angus MacDonald
Servant - Tim Eden
Lady Macduff - Susan Howell
Young Macduff - Guy Newton
Doctor - Bill Walton
Seaton - Mark Hannon
Young Seyward - Richard Carleton

Director - David Hankins
Designer - John Ellam
Sound score specially composed and recorded by Barry Jackson

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