The White Devil (1987)

The White Devil
or The Tragedy of Paulo Orsini, Duke of Brachiano
John Webster

Death, who also appeareth as Julia, Necromancer and Lawyer -
Susan Howell
Monticelso, a Cardinal; later Pope Paul IV - Ted Whitehead
Duke of Brachiano, Paulo Giordano Orsini, in love with Vittoria - Bryan Ferriman
Lodovico, an Italian Count in love with Isabella - Mark Nightingale
Antonelli )                                                       - Jonathan Wolff
              ) his Friends, later fellow Conspirators
Gasparo )                                                                     - Graham Underhill
Camillo, husband to Vittoria and nephew of Monticelso - Richard Baker
Marcello, a soldier, brother to Vittoria - Michael Santos
Flamineo, his brother; secretary to Brachiano - David Hankins
Isabella, sister to Francisco and wife to Brachiano
- Mary McGill
Vittoria Corombona, a Venetian lady; married to Camillo, afterwards Brachiano - Pamela Gresty
Cornelia, mother to Vittoria, Marcello and Flamineo - Ann Brooks
Zanche, a moor, servant to Vittoria - Rebecca White

Director - Stewart McGill
Designer - Rosemary Hobson
Movement Director - Mary Collins

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