Mistress of Novices (1988)

Mistress of Novices
by John Kerr

1st Reader -
Louise Robertson
2nd Reader - Margaret Brayshaw
Mother Josephine Imbert - Wendy Morris
Sister Marthe Fores - Cynthia Anderson
Bishop of Nevers - Bryan Ferriman
Mother Marue Therese Vazou - Wendy Anderson
Sister Emilienne Duboe - Adele Habgood
Sister Vincent Garros - Terri Sweeney
Sister Bernard Dalias
- Sophie Morris
Sister Stanislas Paschal - Helen Gresty
Mother Alexandre Roque - Ann Wood
Bernadette Soubirous - Lucy Hoare
Father Douce - Mark Nightingale
Doctor St Cyr - Bob Carleton
Sister Louise Cartier - Kay Marlow

Director - John O'Loughlin
Designer - Richard Carleton

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