The Sleeping Beauty (1991)

The Sleeping Beauty
by John Morley

The Witch -
Steve Smith
The Queen -
Wendy Morris
The King -
John O'Loughlin
The Prince -
Karen Hartley
The Princess - Claire Maher
The Court Jester - Mick Ives
The Chamberlain - Philip Highley
The Fairy Queen - Kay Marlow
Lady Pamela Tooth - Sarah Horner
Witch's Rats - Craig Stretton, Jonathan Yeomans
Witch's Son -
Geoff Brooke-Taylor
Courtiers and Suitors -
Mel Barlow, Tim Eden, Mike O'Brien, Vicki Garlick, Jo Charles
Children - Ruth Hensman, Stephen Bell, Rebecca Fllod, Caroline Flood, Karen Baldwin, Kirstie O'Loughlin

Director - Wendy Anderson
Musical Director - Pat Satchwell
Choreographer - Wendy Batty
Percussion - Duncan Arrow

Designer - Peter James

Photos by Zoe Jelley
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