Dandy Dick (1991)

Dandy Dick
by Arthur Wing Pinero


The Very Rev. Augustin Jedd, DD, Dean of St Marvells - Jeremy Heynes
Salome, his daughter - Mary MacDonald
Sheba, his daughter - Chris Hunt
Georgiana Tidman, his sister - Wendy Anderson
Blore, Butler at the Deanery - Rex Satchwell
Sir Tristram Mardon,
Bart - Richard Childs
Hatcham, his groom - Bill Walton
Major Tarver, an hussar - Sandy Robertson
Mr Derby, an hussar - Richard Washer
Noah Topping, Constable of St Marvells - Eric Taylor
Hannah Topping, his wife - Louise Robertson

Director - Beryl Milner
Designers - John Ellam and Barry Milner

Photos by Zoe Jelley
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