Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1992)

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
by Norman Robbins

Tinbad, a poor tailor -
Geoff Burrows
Cascara, Ali Babs's housekeeper -
Christopher Ward
Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter -
Chris Arnold
Haroun, his son -
Craig Calder
Marsaina, a slave girl - Karen Hartley
Morgana, Mistress of Fates - Vicki Hollings
Avarice, an evil Afrit - Linda Smith-Blain
Kassim Baba, Ali's rich, miserly brother - Graham Underhill
Rhum Baba, his snooty wife - Edith Hatweed
Hanki Panki, a failed thief - Trevor McClay
Jiggen Poken, his companion - Boz
Al Raschid, a ruthless leader of the forty thieves - Bryan Ferriman
Achmed the 'Orrible, one of hios men - Mel Barlow
Citizens, Slaves, Thieves, Dancing Girls, etc. - Wendy Batty, Joanne Brough, Keith Cullen, Tim Eden, Vicki Garlick, Rosemary Gowers, Richard Orr, Tim Porter

Director - Ted Whitehead
Designer - Neville Watts
Musical Director - Carol Watts
Choreographer - Wendy Batty
Musicians - Carol Watts (piano), Phil Spencer (drums)
Posing Routine - Keith Cullen
Sand Dance - Philip Highley

Photos by Zoe Jelley
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