Nicholas Nickleby (1992)

Golden Jubilee Production
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

by David Edgar from the novel by Charles Dickens
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Oliver

In two parts played in repertoire

The Nickleby Family
Nicholas Nickleby -
Rod Wilkinson
Kate Nickleby -
Mary MacDonald
Mrs Nickleby -
Ann Brooks
Ralph Nickleby -
Bryan Ferriman
Sir Matthew Pupker -
David Charlton
Mr Bonney - Jeremy Heynes
Irate Gentleman - Clive Taylor
Furious Man - Ted Whitehead
Newman Noggs - Keith Higgins
Hannah - Jackie Lawn
Miss La Creevy - Josephine H Player
William - Ted Whitehead
Waitresses - Maggie Curtis, Vickey Robottom
Belling - Wendy Batty
Mr Snawley - Eric F Reaves
Snawley Major - Sarah Jones
Snawley Minor - Karen Baldwin
Landlord - Ted Whitehead
Flunkey - Clive Taylor
Mr Mantolini - Jeremy Heynes
Madame Mantolini - Maureen Jones
Miss Knagg - Audrey Jacques
Milliners - Linda Smith-Blain, Wendy Batty, Julie Wilcox, Cynthia Anderson, Karen Baldwin, Vickey Robottom
Rich Lady - Sheila Fitzgerald
Rich Lady's Daughter - Jackie Lawn
Mr Squeers - Eric Taylor
Mrs Squeers - Margaret Brayshaw
Smike - Andrew Cullum
Phib - Maggie Curtis
Fanny Squeers - Anita Burrows
Young Wackford Squeers - Vickey Robottom
John Browdie - Steve Smith
Tilda Price - Julie Wilcox
Tomkins - Jonathan Yeomans
Coates - Richard Washer
Graymarsh - Maggie Curtis
Jennings - Danny Mathews
Mobbs - Julie Wilcox
Bolder - Cynthia Anderson
Pitcher - Jackie Lawn
Jackson - Tim Eden
Peters - Linda Smith-Blain
Sprouter - Phlip Bosworth
Roberts - Maureen Jones
London Again
Old Lord - Eric F Reaves
Young Fiancee - Maggie Curtis
Landlord - Trevor Thomas
Mr Vincent Crummles - Ted Whitehead
Mrs Crummles - Margaret Brayshaw
The Infant Phenomenon - Wendy Batty
Master Percy Crummles - Philip Bosworth
Master Crummles - Jonathan Yeomans
Mrs Grudden - Sheila Fitzgerald
Miss Snevellicci - Sarah Jones
Mr Folair - David Charlton
Mr Lenville - Richard Washer
Miss Ledbrook - Linda Smith-Blain
Miss Bravassa - Jackie Lawn
Mr Wagstaff - Clive Taylor
Mr Blightey - Eric F Reaves
Miss Gazingi - Linda Smith-Blain
Mr Pailey - Danny Mathews
Mr Hetherington - Clive Taylor
Mr Bane - Trevor Thomas
Mrs Lenville - Josephine H Player
Mr Snevellicci - Edward Tilley
Mrs Snevallicci - Cynthia Anderson
London Again
Scaley - Trevor Thomas
Tix - Bill Walton
Sir Mulberry Hawk - Steve Smith
Lord Frederick Verisopht - Richard Washer
Mr Pluck - Trevor Thomas
Mr Pyke - David Charlton
Mr Snobb - Danny Mathews
Colonel Chowser - Clive Taylor
Brooker - Trevor Thomas
Mr Wittiterly - Eric F Reaves
Mrs Wittiterly - Audrey Jacques
Alphonse - Bill Walton
Opera Singers - Maureen Jones, Ted Whitehead, Philip Highley
Charles Cheeryble - David Charlton
Ned Cheeryble - Clive Taylor
Tim Linkinwater - Philip Highley
Frank Cheeryble - Danny Mathews
Arthur Gride - Ted Whitehead
Madeline Bray - Sarah Jones
Walter Bray - Edward Tilley
Peg Sliderskew - Sue Scott
Minister - Philip Highley
Captain Adams - Eric F Reaves
Westwood - Edward Tilley
Croupier - Bill Walton
Casino Proprietor - Philip Highley
Umpire - Philip Highley
Policeman - Steve Smith
Mrs Snawley - Sheila Fitzgerald
Young Woman - Linda Smith-Blain

Directors - Beryl Milner (Part 1), Wendy Anderson (Part 2)
Designers - John Ellam, Barry Milner

Photos by Zoe Jelley
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