Puss in Boots (1993)

Puss in Boots
by Alan Brown

Puss in Boots -
Vickey Robottom
Jill -
Sarah Horner
Jack -
Tim Porter
Mr O'Cane -
Danny Matthews
Gilbert - Boz
Filbert - Eric Taylor
King Ferdinand - Philip Highley

Queen Gertrude - Ted Whitehead
Cobbler - Richard Orr
Woodcutter - Danny Matthews
Princess Rosalind - Helen Wall
Princess Isabel - Kay Carleton
Blunderbore - The voice of Bryan Ferriman
Katranah - Christopher Ward
Oswald the Ass - Vicki Garlick & Jo Charles
Marquis of Carabas - Reginald H Hurlam
Chorus - Richard Orr, Vicki Garlick, Danny Matthews, Jo Charles

Director - Graham Underhill
Designer - Christopher Ward

Music - Rosemary Gowers
Choreographer - June Malcolm

Photos by Zoe Jelley
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