Babes in the Wood (1996)

Babes in the Wood
by Stephen Duckham

Floggem  )                                    -
Mike Santos
               } the Sheriff's Henchmen
Whippem )                                    -
Phil Reynolds

Sheriff of Nottingham -
Mick Ives
Robin Hood -
Jayne Joy
Maid Marian -
Becky Smith
Jack )                 - Jamie Roberts
        } the Babes
Jill    )                 -
Alice Scott

Nurse Jemima Jollop - Mike Skinner
Greenwillow - Chris Ives

Wilfred the Woebegone - Tim Eden
Bear - Paul Haigh
A Stranger - Edward Lewis
Chorus of Villagers & Robin's followers - Hannah Dudley, Amelia Fewtrill, Donna Griffin, Paul Haigh, Edward Leaf, Richard Orr

Director - Stephen Duckham
Assistant Director &
Choreographer - Wendy McClay
Designer - Tim Eden

Music Director - June Parry-Jones
Drummer - Phil Spencer

Photos by Zoe Jelley
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