The Crucible (1997)

The Crucible
by Arthur Miller

Betty Parris -
Kirstie O'Loughlin
Reverend Samuel Parris -
Tony Burrows

Tituba -
Samantha Hutchinson
Abigail Williams -
Amy Heynes
Susanna Walcott -
Amelia Fewtrill
Goodwife Ann Putnam - Margaret Brayshaw
Thomas Putnam - Sandy Robertson
Mercy Lewis - Donna Griffin
Mary Warren - Helen Wall
John Proctor - Mick Ives
Goodwife Rebecca Nurse - Audrie Lawson
Giles Corey - Eric Taylor
Reverend John Hale - Andrew Cullum
Goodwife Elizabeth Proctor - Mary MacDonald
Judge Hathorne - Rex Satchwell
Deputy Governor Danforth - Jeremy Heynes
Francis Nurse - Eric F Reaves
Ezekiel Cheever - Clive Taylor
Marshall Herrick - Danny Matthews
Hopkins - Roy Baldwin
Sarah Good - Sue Newton

Director - Beryl Milner
Designer - John Ellam

Photos by Zoe Jelley
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