The Merchant of Venice (1997)

The Merchant of Venice
by William Shakespeare


Duke of Venice/Prince of Aragon - Tony Burrows
Prince of Morocco/Tubal -
Trevor Thomas
Antonio -
John Fenner
Bassanio -
Roger Harding
Portia -
Mary MacDonald
Shylock - Emmanuel Toutoungi
Gratiano - Tom O'Connor

Salerio -
Eric Taylor
Colanio -
Ed Lewis
Lorenzo -
Mark Roberts
Nerissa -
Angie Collins
Jessica -
Amy Heynes
Launcelot Gobbo -
Mark Jeffries
Servants/Messenger -
Joan Jury, Robert Draper, Anne Bennett
Musician -
Allen Maslen

Director - William Wilkinson
Designer -
John Ellam

Photos by Zo Jelley
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