Murmuring Judges (1998)

Murmuring Judges
by David Hare

PC Sandra Bingham -
Gillian Halford
PS Lester Speed -
Richard Washer
PC Dave Lawrence -
Trevor Humphreys
PC Toby Metcalfe -
Phil Harrison
PC Esther Barry - Kay Carleton
DC Barry Hopper - Graham Underhill
DC James Riddell - Jonathan Raby
Bench and Bar:
Mr Justice Cuddeford - John Spenser
Sir Peter Edgecombe - Bryan Ferriman
Irina Platt - Manpreet Dosanjh
Woody Pearson - David Draper
Toastmaster - Phil Harrison
Prison Service:
PO Raymond Beckett - Paul Reszka
Home Secretary - Clive Taylor
Gerard McKinnon - Des McCann
Karen Machin - Donna Griffin
Young man arrested - Anthony Coleman
His father - Clive Taylor
Refugee 1 - Paul Reszka
Refugee 2 - Anthony Coleman
Jason Smith - David Draper
"Nelson" - Clive Taylor
Prisoner 1 - Phil Harrison
Prisoner 2 - Trevor Humphreys
Other parts played by members of the Company

Director - John Dawson
Designer -
John Ellam

Photos by Zoe Jelley
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