Once Upon A... (1998)

Once Upon A...
A Talisman Youth Theatre Production
Devised by Paul Atkins and members of the Talisman Youth Theatre

Pippa Adams, Rhiannon James, Rachel Adams, Sarah McGann, Michelle Baylis-Stranks, Fiona McGann, Nicky Belgrove, Jenny Middleton, Sarah Belgrove, Lucy Sanson, Dale Cowes, Emma Sanson, Laura Collier, Hannah Taylor, Jo Foley, Lauren Thomas, Georgette Harrison, Penny Allen, Sophie Gabel, Aimi Bleasdale, Dawn Osmond, Katy Compton, Vicky Settle, Caroline Flood, Alice Scott, William Flood, Clare Turner, Gilly Folly, Catherine Williams, Paul Freeman, Nicola Williams, Leon Gabel

Director - Paul Atkins
Designer -
Andy Carleton






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