The Madness of George III (2000)

The Madness of George III
by Alan Bennett

George III -
Jeremy Heynes
Queen Charlotte -
Mary MacDonald
Prince of Wales -
Mike Skinner
Duke of York -
Matthew Sutherland
Pitt -
Bernard Goodby
Dundas -
Tony Burrows
Thurlow -
Eric F Reaves
Fox -
Sandy Robertson
Sheridan -
Philip Highley
Fitzroy -
Ron Austin
Greville -
Charles l'Anson
Lady Pembroke -
Kate Willis
Margaret Nicholson -
Maggie Curtis
Papandick -
Mike Santos
Fortnum -
Des McCann
Braun -
Moz Baker
Sir George Baker -
John Fenner
Dr Richard Warren -
David Draper
Sir Lucas Pepys -
John Spenser
Dr Willis -
Joe Rowland
A Maid -
Charlotte Wilkinson
Willis's Servants -
Tim Eden, Geoff Mountford
King's Daughter -
Jessica Heynes

Director - Beryl Milner
Designer -
John Ellam

Photos by Zoe Jelley
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