The Mish Mash Club/Millenium Meltdown (2000)

The Mish Mash Club
A Talisman Youth Group Production

Tiger Reid, Laura Harrison, Emily Gould, Penny Allen,
Clare Turner, Tom Anscombe, William Flood, Louise Eli, Mandi Nichols, Nicola Williams, Catherine Williams, Andy Weighell, Kayleigh Harrison, Rosie Hutchins, Kate Thomas, Jenna Thomas-Cox, Dawn Osmond, Jo Foley, Ellie Bond, Georgie Cooknell, Charlotte Freeman, Lauren Thomas-Cox, Rachel Adams, Michelle Bayliss-Stranks, Nicola Kirkwood, Catherine Chew, Neel Sehmi, Sarah Weighell, James Whitehouse

Choreographer - Nicola Williams
Musical Director - Tiger Reid
Musicians - Laura Harrison (lead guitar), Emily Gould (bass)

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Millenium Meltdown
A Musical Entertainment

Kyle Ferguson, Paul Dixon, Dan Fraser, Chris Inker, Mike Inker, Kim Parkes, Kay Sanders, Dave Brindley, Rob Hiatt, Phil Highley, Andy Arthurson, Rachel Inker, Zoe Clarke, Julie Bromage, Laura Colgan, Ross Woodward, Michelle Grice, Graham Stephens, Rob Arthurson, Calley Bell, Joseph Lingard, Gemma Cupit, Matt Dee, Russell Smith, Natasha Thompson, Ted Whitehead

Director - Neil Roberts
Musical Director - Neil Roberts


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