Jack and the Beanstalk (2001)

Jack and the Beanstalk
by Stephen Duckham


Grisly -
John Fenner
Fairy Greenbean - Cathy Snelson
Simon - Des McCann
Squire Goodknight - Rob Wootton
Jack Durden - Ian Moseley
Daisy the Cow - Sally White and Alistair Jolliffe
Dame Durden - Mick Ives
Miranda - Jo Foskett
The Dragon - Claire Parkin
Giant Blunderbore - James Suther
Harriet - Ann Marlow
Chorus of Villagers - Tom Anscombe, Celeste Beaty, Laura Elliott, Paul Freeman, Claire Parkin
Children Team 1 - Charlotte Cook, Kerry Sabec, Laura Sabec, Andy Weighell, Sophie Wootton
Children Team 2 - George Heynes, Jessica Heynes, Rosie Hutchins, Sophie Wootton, Tom Wootton

Director -
Stephen Duckham
Musical Director - Neil Roberts
Choreographer - Wendy McClay
Designer - Stuart Morris

Photos by ZoŽ Jelley
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