Travels With My Aunt (2001)

Travels With My Aunt
adapted by Giles Havergal
from the novel by Graham Greene

Henry Pulling/Aunt Augusta/Detective Sergeant Sparrow - Andy Bayliss
Henry Pulling/Wordsworth/Tooley/The Italian Girl/Wolf/The Spanish Gentleman/Yolanda -
Adrian Griffin
Henry Pulling/The Taxi Driver/Mrs Keene/Frau General Smith/Colonel Hakim/Miss Paterson/O'Toole -
Stephen Ashley (Steve Smith)
Henry Pulling/Richard Pulling/The Vicar/The Girl in Jodhpurs/Hatty/A Policeman/Mr Visconti/A Hotel Receptionist/A Turkish Policeman/A Bodyguard/...and many others -
Danny Matthews

Director - Steve Smith
Designer -
Tim Eden

Photos by Zoe Jelley
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