A Little Hotel on the Side (2004)

A Little Hotel on the Side
by Georges Feydeau and Maurice Desvalliéres, translated by John Mortimer


Benoit Pinglet -
John Fenner
Angelique Pinglet - Anne Bennett
Marcelle Paillardin - Vicki Hollings
Henri Paillardin - David Charlton
Maxine - Daniel Gough
Victoire - Gillian Halford
Mathieu - Geoffrey Brooke-Taylor
Boulot - Andrew Bayliss
Porters - Ronald Austin, John Francis, David Graham, André Jutel, Geoffrey Mountford
Violette - Charly Cook
Marguerite - Sarah Dickson
Paquerette - Millie Salisbury
Pervenchie - Gabby Palmer
Madame Bastien - Susan Howell
Ernest - Geoffrey Mountford
Chervet - John Francis
Inspector Boucard - Ronald Austin
Constables - John Francis, André Jute, Geoffrey Mountford
Lady - Laura Power
Guests - Margaret Curtis, Hannah Dickson, David Graham, Laura Power

Director - Wendy Anderson
Designer - John Ellam

Photos by Zoë Jelley
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