Piaf (2005)

by Pam Gems


Mcee -
Ron Austin
Piaf - Alison Watson
Louis Leplée - Matthew Salisbury
Toine - Erica Morley
Emile - Ross Woodward
Legionnaire - Rod Wilkinson
Jacques - Stuart Kirby
Big Eddie - Mark Plastow
Little Louis - Ross Woodward
Police Inspector - Neil Vallance
Agent - Matthew Salisbury
Paul - Matthew Salisbury
German Soldiers - Mark Plastow, Stuart Kirby
Member of French Resistance - Neil Vallance
Butcher - Ron Austin
Pierre - Rod Wilkinson
Marcel - Rod Wilkinson
Inebriated Americans - Neil Vallance, Mattew Salisbury
Madelaine - Rosemary Gowers
Lucien - Mark Plastow
Nurse - Saira Saeed
Doctor - Matthew Salisbury
Theatre Manager - Neil Vallance
Drug Pusher - Mark Plastow
Angelo - Stuart Kirby
Jacko - Ross Woodward
Théo - Mark Plastow

Director - William Wilkinson
Designer - Brian Tuck

Photos by Zoë Jelley
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