Animal Farm/Dog (2009)

Animal Farm
by Ian Wooldridge
from George Orwell

Narrator - Clive Taylor
Major/Pilkington - Nevil Malin
Napoleon - John Francis
Squealer - Neil Vallance
Snowball - Kathy Crawshaw
Minimus - Georgia Palmer
Boxer - Rob Smith
Clover - Judy Murdoch
Mollie - Gill Bowser
Moses - Kate Willis
Benjamin - Jack Linstead
Jones - Geoff Barker-Mountford
A Pigeon - Rachel Newey
A Cow - Alice Bartishel
Young Animals - Florence Crawshaw,
Gus Crawshaw, Imogen Francis, Molly Ives, Patrick-Luc Saint-Simons, Sylvain Saint-Simons, Harry Bowser, Alice Carleton, Emily Carleton, Charlie Butler, Thomas Hayes, Harry Salisbury
The Band - Matthew Salisbury,
Rosemary Gowers, John Ellam

Director - Tim Willis

by Steven Berkoff

Dog - Mike Santos

Director - James Harris

Photos by James Harris
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Animal Farm





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