Robin Hood (2011)

Robin Hood
by Stephen Duckham

Robin Hood - Gill Bowser
Maid Marion - Imogen Parker
Dame Effie - David Pinner
Sheriff of Nottingham - Des McCann
Nell Nightshade - Amanda Dodd
Whippem - John Nichols
Floggem - Mike Santos
Friar Tuck - David Draper
Will - Ian Meikle
Little John - Alistair Jolliffe
Alan-a-Dale - Ashley Clifford
Much - Tom Almond
Toby - Geoff Barker-Mountford
Stranger - Rod Wilkinson/Dave Crossfield
Girls of Nottingham - Jane Hodgkiss, Joanna Godfrey, Liz Pearson, Charlotte Ball, Emily Weston, Lyndsey Gallagher

Director - Stephen Duckham
Choreographer -
Wendy McClay
Designer -
Wendy Morris

Photos by Peter Weston
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