70th Birthday Celebrations (2012)

Wed 10 October
The Panto Girls

by Andrew Cullum

Andrew Cullum, Oliver Hume

Director - Marcus Fernando

Thu 11 October

1. Year 6 Pupils of Clinton Primary School

2. Junior Talisman Youth Theatre:
Oh, Mr Shakespeare

by Geoff Bamber
William Shakespeare -
Joseph Roberts
Anne Hathaway - Jess Peck
Jenny - Sarah Burrows
Peterkin - Daniel Jackson
Messenger - Millie Lomas
Lord Chancellor - Alex Gowers
Queen Elizabeth I - Sarah Macafee
Lady in Waiting 1 - Emilia Atherton
Lady in Waiting 2 - Amy Moore
Soldier 1 - Anna Cantes-Freeman
Soldier 2 - Amelia Perkins
Sir Francis Drake - Harry Bowser
Sir Walter Raleigh - Sam Abellan
King Philip of Spain - James West
Count Miguel de Alfonso - Thomas Heyes
Executioner - Patrick Whidborne

Director - Rosemary Gowers

3. Senior Talisman Youth Theatre:
Three Characters in Search of a Verdict

by Sue Gordon
Ushers -
Nuala Kelly/Emily Mayo
Judge Judy Justice - Alice Bourne
WPC Tanner - Cheryl Harley
Scene 1 - The Crown vs Jack's Mother
Counsel for the Prosecution - Tom Whiting
Counsel for the Defence - Harry Salisbury
Mrs Debit - Sophie Reynolds
WPC Tanner - Cheryl Harley
Jack's Mother - Amy Taylor
Jack - Laurie Weston
The Giant's Wife - Ellie Lawson
Scene 2 - The Crown vs Goldilocks
Counsel for the Prosecution - Tom Whiting
Counsel for the Defence - Lucy Mills
Goldilocks - Clara Sprules
Mr Bear - Adam Sidaway
Mrs Bear - Charlotte Ball
Baby Bear - Emily Carleton
Scene 3 - The Crown vs The Big Bad Wolf
Counsel for the Prosecution - Tom Whiting
Counsel for the Defence - Caitlin Mills
The Big Bad Wolf - Harry Salisbury
Red Riding Hood - Gemma Sprules
The Woodcutter - Adam Sidaway
Granny - Molly Ives

Director - Corrina Jacob

4. Side By Side Theatre Company

Fri 12 October
In On The Act

1. 'Seventy Years On'
by Peter James
Emerald Grindstone -
Wendy Anderson
Old Member -
Ann Brooks
Actor -
Trev Clarke

Director - John Fenner

2. 'Give Me Your Answer Do'
by Nevil Malin
Arthur du Clos -
John Fenner
Countess of Warwick -
Judy Murdoch
Lord Albemarle -
Nevil Malin

Director - John Fenner

3. 'Death on the Grand Union Canal'
by Tim Jacob, Graham Underhill and June Malcolm
Mrs Victoria Tree -
Denise Barham
Rev Hugh Tree -
David Draper
Cherry Tree -
Imogen Francis
Bunty Balsa-Wood - Ann Hannon
Binky Balsa-Wood - Kay Williams
Props Girl - Margaret Crook
Chief Inspector Sapp - Geoff Bennett
Jenny Plum - Lynn Kimmins
Mrs Laurel Timber - Maureen Jones
Freddie Timber - Trev Clarke

Director - Wendy Anderson
Designer - June Malcolm

Sat 13 October
Music, Music, Music

1. Romany Pie

2. Songs from the Shows
Narrator -
Stephen Duckham
Singers -
Michael Barker, Amanda Dodd, Sally Jolliffe, Steve Smith
Accompanist -
Rosemary Gowers

Director - Stephen Duckham

3. Deviation Overlap (John Francis, John Nichols, Viv Nichols, Harry Salisbury, Matthew Salisbury)

4. Palace of Varieties
Peter Amis, Graham Underhill, Mike Grimes, Trevor McClay, Mike Santos, Charlotte McClay, Wendy McClay, Jane Hodgkiss, Penny Wright, Rosemary Gowers.

CWR Interviews
Interview with Stephen Duckham
 Interview with Ann Brooks
 Interview with Christine Carpenter
  Interview with Dik Thacker
  Interview with John Francis and June Malcolm


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