Ali Baba (2014)

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
by Alan P Frayn


Ali Baba -
Ashley Clifford
Fatima Fandango - Rob Wootton
Marjana - Kelly Davidson
Mustafa - Kier Butterwick
Prince Haroun - Simon Moss
Princess Jasmin - Ellie Gowers
Asbad - Graham Underhill
Bashim - Mike Santos
Grabbit - John Francis
Alsatia - Faye Staton
Caterina - Rosemary Gowers
Scherazade - Imogen Francis
Sultan - Simon Richards
Vizier - Philip Highley
Princess Jasmin's maids - Jessica Peck, Emily Carleton
Chorus - Chris Flood, Alice Carleton, Zoe Davidson, Emily Carleton, Gus Crawshaw, Jessica Peck, Stan Heaton

Directors - Wendy McClay asisted by Graham Underhill
Designer - Paul Chokran

Photos by Peter Weston
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