Youth Theatre Annual Show (2014)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Sisters
by Sian Lewis


Narrator/Chief Mirror Repair Man -
Jack Way
Hagatha Smith, retired witch - Erin Roberts
Professor Horace Wrigglebottom, retired inventor - Daniel Jackson
Gary Rotter, Hagatha's nephew - William West
Mavis, the magic mirror - Hannah Dodd
Big Al, formerly the Big Bad Wolf, now secret agent - Thomas Hayes
Alfie Glass, Magic Mirror Repair Man/Butler - Sam Abellan
Dave, one of the seven dwarves - William Clifford
Cinderella - Jess Peck
Snow White - Antonia Williams
Sleeping Beauty - Hayley-Jayne Subhan
Rapunzel - Amelia Perkins
Little Red Riding Hood - Alice Carleton
Fairy Godmother - Sarah MacAfee
Prince Charmless - Harry Bowser
Ugly Sisters - Anna Cantes-Freeman & Lauren Harley

Director - Rosemary Gowers

High School Hindsight
by Scott Haan

Lizzy Summers -
Amy Taylor
Beth Summers - Imogen Francis
Tracy Watson - Charlotte Ball
Shaz - Caitlin Mills
Paul Lynch - Patrick Whidborne
George Summers - Joseph Roberts
Young Lizzy - Emily Carleton
Young Tracy - Molly Ives
Young Shaz - Amy Moore
Young Paul - Alex Gowers
Clare - Sarah Burrows
Mrs Connell - Cheryl Harley
Andy/Mr Johnson/Car Driver - Laurie Weston
Richard/Sports Announcer/Spelling Bee Presenter/Hollywood Producer - James West

Director - Corrina Jacob

Photos by Peter Weston
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