Aesop's Fables (2015)

Aesop's (Slightly Updated) Fables
adapted by Corrina Jacob


The Tortoise and the Hare - Start of the Race

Mr Ben Tortoise - Alex Gowers
Miss Martha Hare - Molly Ives
Miss Jane Rabbit - Emily Carleton
Barbie, exercise instructor - Jess Peck
Louise Batch, sport commentator - Charlotte Ball
Class members - Daniel Jackson, Cheryl Harley, Aine Kirkwood, Amy Moore, Laurie Weston
The Dog and its Reflection
Women Villagers - Sarah MacAfee, Alice Carleton, Hannah Dodd, Lauren McCann
Alfred - Jack Way
Mr Scab - Thomas Hayes
Mr Henrik - James West
Lizzy - Erin Roberts
Mrs Pond - Lauren Harley
The Country Maid
Hannah Humble - Sarah Burrows
Catherine Humble - Alice Carleton
Sally - Cheryl Harley
Mr Pickles, vicar - Joseph Roberts
Vicky, parson - Amy Moore
Mourners - Cheryl Harley, William Clifford, William West, Patrick Whidborne
Abigail Chicken - Antonia Williams
Natasha Chicken - Katie Baulcombe
Mr Pat - Harry Bowser
The Lion and the Mouse
Reporters - Cheryl Harley, Sarah Burrows, Thomas Hayes, Katie Baulcombe
Mrs Harriet Mouse - Imogen Francis
Mr David Mouse - Daniel Jackson
Jemima Mouse - Hannah Dodd
Alex Mouse - Lauren McCann
Mr Butch Lion - Patrick Whidborne
Mr Plod - Jack Way
The Miller, his Son and the Donkey
Mr Derek Donkey - Harry Bowser
Mr Percy Pig - William West
John Miller - Laurie Weston
James Miller - William Clifford
Girls - Alice Carleton, Erin Roberts
Tramp/Diana Ross - Aine Kirkwood
Women - Sarah MacAfee, Lauren Harley
Activists - Lauren McCann, Thomas Hayes, Daniel Jackson
The Fox and the Grapes
Miss Gloria Grapes - Jess Peck
Tracey - Amy Moore
Rachel Plum - Sarah Burrows
Rose - Hannah Dodd
Mrs Strawberry - Antonia Williams
Mrs Orange - Katie Baulcombe
Mrs Apple - Imogen Francis
Mr Freddy Fox - Joseph Roberts
Number Bearer - Erin Roberts
The Tortoise and the Hare - The Finishing Post
Spectators - Laurie Weston, Patrick Whidborne, Sarah MacAfee, Lauren Harley, Thomas Hayes, Alice Carleton,Erin Roberts.

Director - Corrina Jacob

Photos by Peter Weston
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