The Crucible (2017)

The Crucible
by Arthur Miller

Betty Parris - Elysia Sully/Emily Butterfield
Reverend Samuel Parris -
Craig Shelton
Tituba -
Caroline McCluskey
Abigail Williams -
Paige Phelps
Susanna Walcott -
Molly Ives
Ann Putnam/Sarah Good -
Rosemary Gowers
Thomas Putnam -
Colin Ritchie
Mercy Lewis -
Ellie Gowers
Mary Warren -
Clare Sykes
John Proctor -
Dan Gough
Rebecca Nurse -
Susi Walker
Giles Corey -
Sandy Robertson
Reverend John Hale -
Ben Wellicome
Elizabeth Proctor -
Joanne Gough
Francis Nurse -
Brian Goredema-Braid
Ezekiel Cheever -
Henri West
Judge Hathorne -
Mike McCluskey
Deputy-Governor Danforth - John Francis/James Harris

Director - Sam Harris
Designer - Simone Henderson

Photos by Peter Weston
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