This Business of Murder/Unmurdered (2017)

This Business of Murder
by Mike Standing

Presenter - Jess Peck
Sir Alan Sweetener - James West
Victoria Sweetener - Emily Carleton
Constance Sweetener - Katie Baulcombe
Nick Brewer - William West
Hannah McCanna - Aine Kirkwood
Stella Remington - Claudia Williams
Angela Darling - Erin Roberts
Toby Jugge - Joseph Roberts
Karen Underwood - Lauren McCann
Inspector John Sherlock - Daniel Jackson

Director - Rosemary Gowers

by Edith Weiss

Dashiel Reznor - Harry Bowser
Euphemia Stryx - Antonia Williams
Amelia Easby - Nuala Reid
Bettina Sipe - Emer Reid
Addalnda Swem - Mary Milner
Eustace Huth - Alex Gowers
Anna Maria Mangioni - Hannah Dodd
Madelyn - Amy Jolliffe
Princess Anastasia - Alice Carleton
Antelope Twomey - Molly Ives
Astrid Torvalsdottir - Hazel Siggs
Viola Vaz - Charlotte Whitehill
Vivian Vaz - Jessica Whitehill
Veronia Vaz - Eloise Fraiser
Lenny - Will Clifford
Detective Binnix - Jack Way

Director - Corrina Jacob

Photos by Peter Weston
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