King Charles III (2019)

King Charles III
by Mike Bartlett

King Charles -
Phil Reynolds
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall -
Chris Carpenter
William, Duke of Cambridge -
Simon Moss
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Kate) -
Leigh Walker
Prince Henry of Wales (Harry) - Ted McGowan
Jane Reiss, Press Secretary/Ghost - Rosemary Gowers
Ms Evans, Prime Minister - Kathy Buckingham-Underhill
Mr Stevens, Leader of the Opposition - Graham Buckingham-Underhill
Spencer/Paul/Terry/Sir Michael - Martin Donaldson
Cootsy/Nick/Newspaper Seller -
Laurie Weston
Jess -
Leonie Slater
Sam/Sir Gordon/Archbishop of Canterbury - Oliver Jacques
Clive/Speaker/TV Producer - Henri West
Butler - Tim Eden
Other parts played by members of the Company

Director - John Dawson
Designer - John Ellam

Photos by Peter Weston
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