The Wizard of Oz (2019)

The Wizard of Oz
by L Frank Baum, music & lyrics by Harold Arlen & E Y Harburg, background music by Herbert Stothart

Uncle Henry/Guards Leader/Ozian -
Charlie Butler
Aunt Em/Jitterbug Jiver -
Lily Butler
Dorothy -
Lauren McCann
Hunk/Ozian -
Mairi Pettigrew
Hickory/Ozian - Imogen Francis
Zeke/Winkie Guard - Isaac Jacques
Miss Gulch/Ozian - Claudia Williams
Marvel Sister/Crow/Oz - Heather Day
Marvel Sister/Crow/Oz - Alais McCluskey
Toto - Olivia Glover
Glinda, the good witch -
Alice Carleton
Munchkin Tot/Jitterbug/Ozian/Nikko -
Erin Kelly
Munchkin Tot/Jiterbug/Ozian/Monkey - Cassie Chapman
Munchkin Tot/Jitterbug/Frankie the Cat - Georgina McKernan
Munchkin Mayor - Keiron Roberts
Munchkin Coroner/Oz Guard - Kathryn McKernan
Munchkin Barrister/Oz Doorman - Ellie Markham
Munchkin Tough Kid/Monkey - Louis Chapman
Munchkin Tough Kid/Voice of Oz - Oliver Mason
Munchkin Tough Kid/Monkey -
Henry Whitehill
Munchkin/Jitterbug/Ozian/Monkey - Izzy Greaves
Wicked Witch of the West - Aine Kirkwood
Scarecrow - Elspeth Stratton
Apple Tree/Jitterbug Jiver/Winkie Guard - Lilia Clifford
Apple Tree/Jitterbug Jiver/Winkie Guard - Amy Jolliffe
Apple Tree/Jitterbug Jiver/Winkie Guard - Charlotte Whitehill
Tin Man - Jessica Whitehill
Lion - Harry Bowser

Director - Caroline McCluskey
Designer - Tim Eden

Photos by Peter Weston
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