Blood Brothers (2022)

Blood Brothers
by Willy Russell

Mrs Johnson - Lily Butler
Mrs L
yons - Alais McCluskey
Mickey - Will Sale
Young Eddie - Keiran Roberts
Older Eddie - Oliver Mason
Young Linda - Heather Doy
Older Linda - Jessica Whitehill
my - Finlay Gardner
he Narrators - Olivia Glover, Natasha Hall, Laura Hampson, Amy Jolliffe, Ellie Markham, Esther McKinney
The Kids - Leigh Hall, Alannah Harris, Orestis Kallipolitis, Erin Kelly, Olivia Leaf, Georgina McKernan
Husband - Jacob Wilson
Girlfriend - Hannah McDermott
Doctor - Max Morgan
Nurses &
Police - Hannah McDermott & Kathryn McKernan
Debt Collectors
& workers - Finnlay Cooke-Cannon, Max Morgan, Jacob Wilson
Local children - Annabel Broad, Jessica Groves, Olivia Harold, Cassidy Pang, Isabella Pang, Noah Ryan, Emily Sale, Oscar Wilson Ensemble - Annabel Broad, Finnlay Cooke-Cannon, Jessica Groves, Olivia Harold, Hannah McDermott, Kathryn McKernan, Max Morgan, Cassidy Pang, Isabella Pang, Noah Ryan, Emily Sale, Jacob Wilson, Oscar Wilson

Director - Caroline McCluskey
Set Designer - Tim Eden
Lighting Designer - Peter Weston
Sound Designer - Colin Thomass
Stage Manager - Laurie Weston
Assistant Stage Manager
- Henri West
Wardrobe - Mandy Clifford
Props - Georgina Morgan, Pippa Morgan

Photos by Peter Weston
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