The Ladykillers (2022)

The Ladykillers
by Graham Linehan

Mrs Louisa Wilberforce -
Geraldine Cousin
Professor Marcus -
Michael Seeley
Constable MacDonald -
John Francis
Louis Harvey -
Alan Wales
One-Round -
Christopher Stanford
Harry Robinson - Galli Donaldson
Major Courtney - Des King
Mrs Jane Tromleyton - Vicky Whitehill
Mrs Wilberforce's Guests - Susi Walker, Teresa Robertson, Christine Jenkin, Ann O’Connor.

Director - Dave Crossfield
Set Designer - John Ellam
Lighting Designer - Nigel Elliott
Sound Designer - Richard Crump
Stage Manager - Henri West

Wardrobe - Dee Francis, Barbara Port, Margaret Clifton
Props - Catherine Weston
Crew - Corrina Jacob, Steve Sanday, Peter Weston, Laurie Weston, John Ellam, Jeevan Nangle, Lewis Formby, Georgina Morgan, Paul Sully

Photos by Peter Weston
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